Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trashing stuff

Just noticed a trash-cli gets a fresh release.

It could be the solution for uniform EDE trashing things, without re-implementing the same things all over the place. Or, it could be an idea for implementing EDE's own trashing tools... just thoughts :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Integration, integration

Just "integrated" (ha, soundy word) edewm (window manager) and eworkpanel (now known simply as ede-panel) in ede2 module. No, they are not new and fancy but an older versions from 1.x code.

Why? Well, you have to have something that will manage your windows and raise them when gots minimized (and in the mean time work that well). The newer window manager currently exists, incompleted, in branches and it's finalizing I'm planning for 2.0 beta or similar (see Roadmap). Completing it would eat up too much of the time, so plans for alpha are to use older panel and window manager and see how everything else fits together (which is IMHO much more important than anything else).

You know, you can have a perfect window manager and even better panel or desktop, but if they are not "compatible" (as people would say), then is bad. Kinda reminds me on relationships :)

So, to sum up the things, everything works as expected. EDE is starting nicely (belive me or not, this is the first time I'm starting full EDE without problems and various hackery behind!). Quitting is not done yet (ede-panel still does not communicate well with evoke) and there are few issues with the menu links.

More to come soon, hopefully ;)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

evoke merged the trunk. Latest addons (with a small refactoring) was an autostart support (actualy, imported from previous version and modified) and switching to the recent edelib changes in Resource class.

evoke documentation partially finished mostly due plans for better reorganization. It would be nice to have clearly documented starting/quitting process, how to create a splash theme and bits related to the XSETTINGS values.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

evoke rewrite

evoke is going to branches for a fresh code. Actually, most of it is already done (just merged), where I kept old xsettings and splash engine code (with a small improvements).

evoke is an EDE "starter" (it will start needed EDE programs) and "quitter" (will gracefully close all running programs and close X connection). It will also run splash at the startup, start programs from autostart folders and keep xsettings session. In short, manage startup and quitting and everything related to this.

Maybe it looks like a kitchen sink, but believe me, before this "code redux" it was a much worse kitchen sink. It had an option to run external programs, monitor it and report if they crashes and managed screen composition (a.k.a. composite manager). Add to this that compositing via FLTK is pain in the ass (I had to reimplement FLTK looping in evoke so popped windows could be redrawn and receive additional events), plus all the "nice things" related to the spawning externaly requested programs. Pfew!

You probably ask by now how all that worked together? Most of it did, but it (still) had a big problems with events of dialog windows that could pop up in every moment: some of them didn't show up, some didn't receive events... pretty bad things for something that will hold desktop session.

So, instead digging for another "fix", time was to get serious and dump everything not related to it's mission. Even before I planned to move compositing code in window manager (where it belongs) or as an independent program (even better solution) and all that "runner-launcher-watcher" code was a mistake. Vedran proposed to keep most of this background stuff in one program (to reduce a memory usage by running only one instance), but it ended up using even more memory not counting (possible) instability due races. At some point, we can addopt old elauncher (runner from EDE 1.x) to communicate with already running elauncher instance via D-BUS or some other IPC so it does not get's duplicate with each new started program. Just an idea...

To get in new evoke... maybe the biggest, user visible thing is a small addoption for the splash themes. You create a folder and put a background image and few icons and voila, job done. I had no clue how splash theming should looks like because every other desktop is doing it in different way (they done it mostly via "engines", but why you should write a C/C++ code just to add different splash screen).

So, in that folder you just plop "background.png" (it has to have this name and to be a png image) and a bunch of icons and their name associate with program started from "ede-startup.conf". Remember this name, since it will holds everything needed to fully starts EDE.

Here a small shot of the-5-minute-created theme, called "scape":

There are few things in my head planned to be added, like customizing where icons will be placed, icon jumping-blinking-or-else effects, progress text font/color and etc. They will definitely require a special file, specific to each theme, but let's not hurry; these are features and features can be added later.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Some stuff on

Just uploaded two screenshots and logo at site. It would be a shame not to use what guys offered to us :)

Interesting thing is that you will not get screenshots visible by default; instead you will have to click on "Screenshots" on left side and after new content is loaded, find "don't show screenshots" and unselect it. Odd, I know.

So, if you feels a little bit arty, feel free to create an account and add something. Screenshots, wallpapers, refreshed logo(s) or anything EDE related, crazy or not, your playground or something completely new. Show us your talent!

Btw. those fonts you see, I didn't put them :) Seems they are added so pages does not looks empty.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Release tags maintenance

I just little bit reordered tagging schema in repository tags, mostly for better readability. Instead previous v1_0_2 and v2_0_7 (inherited from cvs), where you didn't know what release version is for efltk what for ede, now we have much better names (e.g. ede-1.0.2 and efltk-2.0.7). Not to say how will save us from ambiguities when edelib and ede (both tagged as 2.0) are added.

One thing made me mad: subversion had to store these changes. Thanks God history for each file was preserved, but couldn't be nice if I could say "svn move x y --and-do-not-write-history", since I'm just renaming directories not related to the final tag and do not want it in file history changes (err, because file history changes are related to the changes in file not to the parent of it's parent directory renaming). Or they are maybe related...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Playing with logo

Few days ago, after I compiled latest Inkscape, I played a little bit with EDE logo mostly as learning (or refreshing) process with Inkscape and to see what a new version brings. So here it is (warning, programmer art is following):

Interesting thing is that in Inkscape some very cool effects can be created in a few clicks, allowing you to experiment a lot. Meaning this: you can start with some blury idea (or no idea at all) and complete with amazing art. Of course, in artistic hands this goes to the whole new level.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad time for SkyOS

Looks like SkyOS is having some development issues and author is stipulating further development paths.

On one hand, I'm finding SkyOS project pretty amazing with great respect for it's creator; everything is done by one man, from kernel to GUI and apps and these news are sad. On other hand, if author makes it open source, I'm thinking it will be a great win (for author and users), not to say how I will finaly get a chance to try it without paying for it ;)