Friday, February 6, 2009

Playing with logo

Few days ago, after I compiled latest Inkscape, I played a little bit with EDE logo mostly as learning (or refreshing) process with Inkscape and to see what a new version brings. So here it is (warning, programmer art is following):

Interesting thing is that in Inkscape some very cool effects can be created in a few clicks, allowing you to experiment a lot. Meaning this: you can start with some blury idea (or no idea at all) and complete with amazing art. Of course, in artistic hands this goes to the whole new level.


Jonathanius said...

Inkscape is awesome - one of my favorite applications (along with Firefox and the GIMP).

Speaking of graphic design, are you/the EDE team still looking for a graphic artist? Almost a week ago I saw a help request on Savannah for a designer - posted in 2003 (there is also a similar request on Soureforge). I contacted Dejan Lekic - who posted the request, but have not received a reply, though marked as 'active' on Savannah, he's not listed on either EDE's Sourceforge nor Wikipedia page. So, I thought I should contact you.
Let me know,

Anonymous said...

EDE stopped using Savannah a long time ago. I think EDE does need an artist :) So, yeah, I think it is a good idea to contact Sanel. You can send him a mail, post something on the EDE forum or send a mail to the mailing list: ede-devel at lists dot sourceforge dot net

Jonathanius said...

Thank you Double12, I think will I go ahead and introduce myself on the sourceforge mailing list sometime in the not-so-distant future. ;) I wanted to make sure that an designer was still needed before taking the time to do so. =P

Sanel Z. said...

@Double12: thank you a lot for the quick replies :)

@Jonathanius: yes, an artist is highly welcome here :) Dejan posted that request a long time ago, when we was a part of the team; I'm just curious why Savannah didn't remove that project since there is not activity on their pages.

Anyway, feel free to subscribe on the mailing list so we can chat, talk, discuss and etc. :)