Wednesday, April 22, 2009

EDE 2.0 alpha released

Finally... :)


Anonymous said...

I wanted to report this bug via the bug tracker but it doesn't send me the confirmation email after I entered my email address for a new account.

1. The link for edelib 2.0 alpha is broken.
2. In Ubuntu 9.04 I had to install gettext and libxext-dev before I was able to compile efltk.
3. I could login to EDE, but when I did, there was no panel, only the desktop on which I could right-click for a context-menu. But no way to start any applications.

Jonathanius said...

Thank you for your testing and bug hunting =D. We have a new mailing list for bugs: ede-bugs[at]lists[dot]sourceforge[dot]net
So you may want to send your bugs there. However first two items are not exactly bugs, only send 3rd one
1- bad link. (website problem)
Sanel will fix it.
2 - documentation problem, I fixed it: gettext and libxextpdev are both known dependencies of efltk in Ubuntu. See the Ubuntu-installation wiki page:
I have modified the EDE 2.0 Alpha Installation Howto to include a link to that page after the dependency list, so it should be pretty clear =D.

Thanks once again,

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I tried it as well and I'm getting the same problem that you are. I'm thinking it has something to do with eFLTK since the panel and the WM still rely on it and these are the exact things that are acting up...
I'm using an Ubuntu liveCD (8.10). When I log into the desktop I see everything but the panel. The icons and the backdrop is there, and I am able to interact with them (move icons around, change the background, etc.).
It is actually possible to launch programs: if I double click on any icon the run-command comes up, from there I can launch any program. But they come up only in the top-left corner, and there is no window border. Hence my suspicion about the error having to do with eFLTK, I'll keep you posted, if I find anything out, but tomorrow I'm leaving for a week where i'll be on an island with no internet access, so don't count on anything. Still, if I _do_ find anything out I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

You might try this patch from Sanel:
(bottom of the page)
It didn't work for me (got 12 failed targets and 2 skipped while compiling, EDE wouldn't even start) but maybe there's something I missed, it was 5 in the morning and I hadn't slept at all, so that's not unlikely... ;-D


pixotec said...

Hi folks, had the same problem of not starting ede-panel.

Then I executed "sudo ldconfig" and logged in again over gdm.

Now it works fine.

My instructions for installing here:

Sanel Z. said...

Hi to all,

First of all, thank you guys for quick replies :)

Please (Anonymous), did you received confirmation mail from bugzilla? I just fixed that link and thank you for spotting it :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, the other day I received the confirmation email, thank you for asking. Now you already know what my problems were, but when I give it another try and find any bug, I can report it in the bug tracker.

Regis SCOTTO said...

Hi all,

My english writing is awfull (like my speaking), so, i make short. I'm french from Corsica Isle in Mediterrean sea, under France.

I've installed successfully the version stable of EDE under Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server, yesterday, what news with the alpha 2 version ?

On my tiny dirty server, i make some tasks like developping XHTML/CSS/PHP//MySQL, so, need a graphic and light environment manager and i've installed with some problems of compilation but without "danger".

I have not installed the last version of Ubuntu, because with version 8.10, i've more problems with integrated graphic ship, not enought graphic memory then i use simply version 8.04 of Ubuntu.

That's all for specific parameters of my PC.

Now two questions :

- Can i change colour of menu bar ?
- Can i run xosview/conky automatically at boot of EDE ? How ?

I am happy to know EDE, it's very light, with old fashion not negative, it's a good developping for many platforms, really !

Thanks you !



Sanel Z. said...

Hi Regis,

Please, can you describe your problem briefly on our forum:

From there others can track discussions and also can serve for future, similar requests.

Btw. thank you for positive comments and hoping to see you soon there :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on this big step! Do you have a projection for when you might have a β that no longer requires eFLTK?

Sanel Z. said...

Thanks :)

We are planning to remove eFLTK dependency after beta :)