Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Still Still rollin

Wow, looking backward, the similar post was almost a year ago. And it was like yesterday :)

Yep, the same working place as year ago, and a bunch of new technologies learned in the mean time. But, I'm still missing that rustiness of C++ and jam-s bug-ability, as I'm now in ruby/java/enterprise land where optimization means nothing and every slow-iness is rewarded with more RAM or disk. Looks like the world is going in different direction.

I'm not sure are you familiar, but EDE in some parts uses TinyScheme. Actually, except some playground, tinyscheme (all lowercase, easier to type) is used to describe schemes/themes, although there are few bits left to be completed. Still not sure about language choice, but believe me, I went through all 'modern' languages and still can't get that warm code-is-data feeling I'm getting from scheme (or any other Lisp).

The reason I'm mentioning tinyscheme is how recently was quietly released 1.40 version. The release have a few my patches, including one new feature hardly found in other scheme implementations: error line report in parsing phase. This becomes quite handy when the source grow over 10 lines ;)

Also, I must mention how I received a wonderful patch from Damon, still pending to add on repo. It gives ability to configure ede-panel, something I never manage to finish. Damon, sorry for taking too long to merge it, but I didn't forget about it. Thank you again!


ChristTrekker said...

What sort of contributions to the project are you looking for? Is there a list of features/patches you need, or would like to have?

Anonymous said...

I figured I would let you know that EDE is perhaps the best darn DE ever for open source Xorg using operating systems. Keep up the good work!

ChristTrekker said...

Seems that FLTK 1.3 is due to release this month. Dillo's porting efforts are coming along nicely from what I've read.

Does EDE build against 1.3? If so, could there be a β2 cut sometime soon? It would be cool to have a FLTK 1.3 Equinox+Dillo desktop.