Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Web page is down is down; seems like the company that hosted our pages went out of business (Sohlius). Unfortunately all pages, including wiki and bugzilla, are inaccessible.

I tried to speak with LiquidWeb guys, as Sohlius contact is not replying, but without success. Sohlius was serving sites from LiquidWeb servers and this was naturaly next step.

Until someone from Sohlius does not contact them, our data would remain inaccessible. So sad.

I will try to setup some temporary pages until find some better solution, or get some reply from Sohlius crew.


ChristTrekker said...

Seems to be working now. Did the site come back, or did you work out something else?

It's been about six months since the last EDE news. Anything new? I wish I had the time to help out with something.

Sanel Z. said...

Yes, site is up now, but is often down; really don't know what is happening as I do not have ssh access any more.

News? Yes, I'm reviewing work on it, trying to catch latest FLTK changes and seeking for wm alternative, at least I find some time and complete edewm.

Any ideas where I can find some free/cheap hosting?

Anonymous said...

Csoft used to offer free hosting for open source projects but I don't know if they still do. They seem to have removed the link to the application form, though the form itself still exists:

You could also take a look at or otherwise check manually all the facilities that Wikipedia lists:

I have also unused server ressources, which I could happily offer.

ChristTrekker said...

If you end up borrowing a WM until edewm is completed, what about awflwm? Don't know much about it other than it also uses FLTK.

What needs to be done on edewm? Are you rewriting it, or is the work something that small incremental patches could be submitted for?

About hosting, if you have a SourceForge acct, what about using your developer space there?

Sanel Z. said...

Thank you guys :)

@ChristTrekker: awesome for awflwm proposal. I'll check for it.

Related to usage: well, seems they allow only sftp connections now (no ssh) which limits me a lot for setting up custom tools (like netinstall).

@Anonymous: I'm looking at Csoft now; they looks quite interesting. Relating to other services: I checked most of them and (almost) all of them are quite unfriendly for hosting domain/page/bugzilla combo in one place.

What kind of resources you can offer? :) Feel free to mail me on karijes [at]

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